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Are Too Many Fonts Causing Windows or CorelDRAW Crashes?

I recently heard from a longtime reader about fonts. It is certainly a topic we’ve discussed on many occasions and overall they have their font library in good control. I’ll include their message to many first and then my answer. Note that I’ve made very minor edits to their message …

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Fonts Unleashed Pack 7 Just Released

We spent so much time building our new Web sites that we haven’t released a new font pack in quite some time. A new pack, Fonts Unleashed Pack 7, is now available. The graphic below shows a sample of each font family included in the pack and there are 103 …

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Fonts Unleashed Free Fonts Coming To An End

Loyal readers have probably noticed the last of “Font Friday” posts for the last several Fridays. I certainly didn’t forget to post new fonts. Unfortunately the value of our server space and my time in adding fonts far outweighs the benefits. There will be no new fonts added beyond what …

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Ten Free Weights of the Duvall Family Give your Font Flexibility

I’ve been away for a while and there haven’t been many posts recently. So it is time to return with a big family of fonts. There are ten weights in the Duvall family! Get your copy today! Not sure how to download and install fonts? Make sure to read Downloading …

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These Fonts Make You Picture A Gorilla Drinking a Milkshake

When I first saw the name of today’s fonts, Gorilla Milkshake, I immediately pictured a gorilla sipping an ice cold vanilla milkshake. Yet the font doesn’t really represent a milkshake or a gorilla. Just another set of fonts that kind of looks like it belong in a comic strip. Get …

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Seoul Fonts Tribute Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Team

Loyal readers will know that I’m a huge fan of my Kansas Jayhawks. Next month the Jayhawks basketball team will be playing at Team USA at the World University Games in Seoul, Korea. So today I present the Seoul family of fonts as my tribute to Jayhawk basketball. Get your …

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Rock Out With The Incubus Free Fonts

When I saw the name Incubus on today’s fonts, I immediately thought of the band of the same name. The meaning is a demon in male form. I don’t know if the font is any of those, just three variations of a cool handwritten font. Get your copy! Not sure …

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Your Designs Will Be Nonstop With These Fonts

I’m sure there are days, weeks and months where you feel like you are working nonstop. How would you like some fonts that are Nonstop? That’s the exact name of the two fonts offered today. Each of them features outlined characters that could be perfect for your headlines. Get your …

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Boopee Fonts Bring Handwritten Cartoon Fonts to Your Designs

Today’s fonts, Boopee, brings to mind the well-known cartoon character Betty Boop. So it is only appropriate that the fonts are handwriting fonts that would be a great fit for a cartoon. Get your copy! Not sure how to download and install fonts? Make sure to read Downloading Fonts, Installing …

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See Inside Your Designs With Xray Ted Fonts

I’ve been very lucky that I’ve had very few Xrays in my life. Most of them have been of my teeth. Today’s fonts are Xray Ted and they feature very narrow characters making them perfect for a long headline that needs to fit in a tight space. Get your copy! …

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