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Fonts, Font Management, Typography and OpenType Success Kit Now Available

A few weeks ago I told you that a Comprehensive Font Management Tutorial In The Works. Some of you provided specific suggestions for what you’d like to see. I combined the recent requests with the more than 20 years of working with users having font issues to create a detailed …

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PT Sans Family of Fonts Delivers Large Character Sets

Much of the work I’ve been doing lately has been related to designing Web sites for Unleashed as well as for clients. When a theme is chosen for a site, it often has fonts selected as the default for the site. Two different themes we’ve been using often have the …

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Hulkbusters Fonts Keep Bruce Banner From Turning Green With Anger

Many years ago when I was a kid, I remember waiting each week for a new episode of The Incredible Hulk featuring bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. There have been several movies that have followed, but they just weren’t the same to me. Today’s font, Hulkbusters, seem to get their name from …

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Valencia Antique Fonts Sweet Addition to Designs

When I hear the name Valencia, I think of oranges. And if Valencia Antique means old oranges, it just doesn’t sound good. Luckily we are talking about a couple of antique fonts which simply means they have rough edges. These antiques may be the perfect answer for one of your …

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Add Elegance To Designs With Nicolas Family of Fonts

Some of the fonts that you enjoy the most are script fonts. At least more of you download the script fonts than the others. Today’s font is not a script font, but I still think it is quite elegant. The Nicolas family comes in Regular, Italic and Bold versions and …

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Bilbo Script Font Perfect For All Hobbits

Some of you will find it shocking that I’ve not seen any of the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movies. I don’t avoid movies, I just didn’t seem to have an interest in those particular films. But when I saw the name of today’s font, Bilbo, I immediately thought …

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24 Nasalization Fonts Breathe Life Into Designs

This is the time of year when many of us get a cold and find our nasal passages blocked. I’ve been fighting a cold for the last ten days and that led me to today’s font named Nasalization. While a cold is certainly no fun, I think you’ll find the …

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Mailbag Shows How Too Many Fonts Causes Fonts to Disappear

Do you have too many fonts installed? While some of you may say you don’t, I’m guessing that almost all of you don’t keep them under control. First I’d like to share with you an e-mail I received from a loyal reader and then we’ll discuss the problem of too …

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Sign Up for Rothwell Army With These Two Fonts

When I found the two fonts in the Rothwell family, I noticed the two fonts were identical in spacing and general character shape. The difference is that the regular weight has rounded edges and the “Army” weight features straight lines instead. If you are looking for a somewhat thin display …

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Two Flavors of Labtop Candy Fonts

A week ago was Halloween and millions of children across the world traded a little scare for some tasty candy. Admittedly I even begged a couple of friends for some candy even though I had no costume and I’m far too old for trick or treating. Today I’m giving you …

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