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Vahika! Six New Fonts

How many times have you heard someone say Eureka when they found a great solution? When I saw the name Vahika on today’s six fonts, the similarity in the words immediately came to mind. So shout it out loud and get some new fonts. Get your free copy! Not sure …

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Light Up Your Art With Foglihten Family of Fonts

Yesterday it was kind of foggy in Cave Creek. We were dealing with the remnants of another hurricane from the Pacific coming through the area. Turning on a foglight would have been helpful. That’s what led me to the Foglihten family of fonts. Yes, it is spelled a bit strange. …

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Layout Your Source Code With Seven Pro Fonts

When you are including source code in your designs, it is good to have a font that is monospaced so that all of the text stays in neat columns. Today’s font, Source Code Pro, gives you seven weights of OpenType fonts with larger than normal character sets. Each weight even …

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My Crystal Ball Says Download Forgotten Futurist Fonts

Wouldn’t it be great if we could look into the future? I suppose it could be good or it could be bad. Maybe you’d want to forget what you saw. I see a download of the Forgotten Futurist family of fonts in your near future. Get your copy! Not sure …

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