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How We Got Around Facebook’s Silly Rule About Text in Dialog Boxes

Last week in my Monster Monsoons, Amazing Sunsets, Beautiful Flowers and Facebook’s Dumb Rule post, I explained how Facebook’s complete lack of common sense deemed that a post of a dialog box was in violation of their rules. I also complained loudly about this policy in Facebook Advertising Rules and …

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Are Illustration Details Too Complex For Specified Output?

I have often said that users who are creating massive files in CorelDRAW are probably doing something wrong. Not always, but I can almost always find a way to shrink the size of the files without changing the quality of the output. I had that experience lately with sample files …

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My Social and Content Marketing Strategy on Twitter

Some of my loyal readers are going to see the mention of Twitter and be immediately disappointed. That group feels every single post should be about CorelDRAW and only CorelDRAW. The harsh reality is that posts about CorelDRAW are the least read posts I write. Yet no matter the topic …

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Create a Facebook Page for Biz, Brand, Cause and More

Nearly 1 of every 6 people in the world has a Facebook account. Those accounts allow you to share personal information and you can choose who is allowed to see those posts. Facebook also allows you to create a “Page” if you are posting on behalf of something else. First, …

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Should You Do Some of Your Own Photography?

In my post last week, I briefly mentioned taking photos of some of the awards and other products you create. After writing that post, I wanted to cover more about photography in this post. I will go over some of the equipment you need to consider when shooting photos of …

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Sharon From Google Called Though It Isn’t Google Calling

I’m sure all of you have received a pre-recorded call trying to sell you a product or service. One that I get several times a week comes from a friendly female voice claiming to be Sharon From Google. Now it seems odd to me that this same pre-recorded Sharon would …

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64-Bit Operating System? Absolutely! 64-Bit Software? Tread Carefully

I talked to a CorelDRAW user on the phone recently who was looking to switch to another piece of software. If there is a good reason for a switch, I’ve got no problem with that. Just for my own education, I asked the reason why a switch was considered. “So …

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