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Getting Rid of the X in CorelDRAW PowerClip Frames

If my memory is correct, the PowerClip feature arrived somewhere around CorelDRAW 5. That’s 5, not X5. So it has been around for around 20 years. As Corel looks at how users take advantage of features, they look for pain points and ways that pain can be removed or at …

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Resolving Conflict Between WordPress, WooCommerce and Theme

As part of yesterday’s blog, I told you that we are working on more projects with clients to help them with their presence on the Web. Those of you who read a little deeper found that we are using WordPress as part of our Web site building projects. It can …

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ARA CorelDRAW Seminars In Las Vegas

I will be providing three different seminars at the 2015 ARA International Awards Market to be held January 27-30, 2015 in Las Vegas. I’ll give you a brief overview of each of my sessions below and you can visit their education page to learn more and to register. There are …

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Prepping Product Photos For Online Stores, Such As Amazon

Many of you operate a small business that sells some sort of product. More and more of those products are listed in some form of online store so that buyers can do their shopping on the Internet. Today I wanted to give a brief overview how to get the right …

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Two Things That Really Caught My Attention at the SGIA Expo

Last week I made a quick trip to Las Vegas to check out some of the latest and greatest in the world of graphics at the SGIA Show. Many of the vendors were showing new and improved machinery for outputting graphics in every way imaginable. Those things didn’t get me …

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Diagnosing a Locked CorelDRAW File

I had a loyal reader contact me about a problem he was having when trying to e-mail a file to a vendor for output. He had a logo in CorelDRAW that he converted to PDF. When he tried to attach the PDF file to an e-mail, he was always told …

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Separate Parts of a Bitmap in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Do you have trouble getting good artwork from clients? Go ahead and nod your head. Even when you get good artwork, do they sometimes ask you to do things that aren’t easy based on what was provided? Yup, nod your head again. I was given a logo as a Photoshop …

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CorelDRAW Web and Social Media Success Kit

If I were to ask the majority of CorelDRAW users if they created graphics for the Web, they would probably say no. The reality is that most users are probably creating graphics to be used on the Web and may not even realize it. Where are all these graphics being …

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Changing Sizes of Fonts in Windows Can Have Bad Side Effects

I always find it interesting that I tend to get the same question a number of times from different users. Sometimes when someone invests in Geek Time, the question can be very detailed. This is one that isn’t a detailed question, but there is an unintended side effect of making …

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Using Shortcut Keys Saves Time!

I got a question recently where a user asked about changing the icons for some common commands in CorelDRAW. My answer was quite simple and that would be to use keyboard shortcuts instead. I never use the icons on the Standard toolbar and instead use my fingers to press the …

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