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Value Your Time and Do It The Productive Way

I had a plumbing project that a “professional” had done twice over the past few months and both times it began to leak very soon afterwards. Can you guess that I didn’t trust that professional any more? A few days ago I had a very handy friend help me completely …

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Put A Scare In Your Designs With Halloween Clipart

I looked at my calendar today and realized that Halloween is in less than two weeks. Guess I better start working on a costume and get some candy. If you need to prepare some Halloween-themed designs, make sure to check out the 67 vector graphics in Halloween Unleashed Volume 2. …

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Creating Smoking Designs With Holy Smokes Font

Last week I told you we have a bet in the office based on the number of you who would download the VolkswagenSerial fonts. I took the over and thanks to many of you wanting the fonts, I won the friendly bet. Unfortunately there was nothing more than bragging rights …

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Cave Creek Geek Fights With Metal Cowboys and Indians

Cave Creek can be a very diverse little community. It has a very Western feel with a lot of ranchers enjoying the life of a horseman. See someone in the grocery store wearing chaps and spurs isn’t uncommon. There are also a lot of “cowboys” on steel horses (the motorized …

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Preparing To Move Computer From Windows XP to Windows 8.1

If you are a loyal reader, there are several things you probably already know from previous posts. I’m not a big fan of Windows 8 and I can’t understand why Microsoft would make the horrid mistake of forcing users to an interface better suited for touchscreens. About a year ago …

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Learn All About the Night Sky with Google Sky Map App

When I was in grade school, one of our field trips each year was to a planetarium. It was cool, but I sure don’t remember much about the stars in the sky other than the Big Dipper. In more recent years I’ve visit the observatory at Kitt Peak for their …

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Cave Creek Geek Dines at Auntie Mae’s Cafe

Sometimes the Geek just needs some good home cooking and Auntie Mae’s Cafe is as close to home as it can possibly get for the Geek. That’s because “Auntie Mae” is the Geek’s mom! The Geek’s cousin decide to honor Auntie Mae by naming the restaurant after her. After they …

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LGA 1150 Processor Is The Heart of a Computer

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the Asus Z87 Deluxe DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 Motherboard and suggested it as a great starting point for a new computer. A loyal reader wrote me as he was assembling this motherboard and other parts I’ve suggested to build a powerhouse computer …

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The Evils of Nodes and How to Minimize Them

The whole basis of vector graphics, such as those created in CorelDRAW, is based on a little thing called a node. Maybe you know the node well, or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. In general, having too many nodes is a bad thing. In this post …

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Get Help Directly From the Geek

Are there times you want a geek to personally help you? I’ve made it easy for you to get a few minutes of the Cave Creek Geek’s time so that I can personally help you. Maybe you simply want me to help guide you through a process. Alternatively, you’ve thrown …

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Add Marble, Architecture and Art to Your Designs

A friend of mine just returned from a month-long vacation that spanned a number of locations in Italy. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing a number of cool places in Italy myself, so I joined my friend recently for breakfast to discuss and compare our experiences. Since we did …

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Cook Up Some Spicy Designs With Barbecue Font

Can you tell I have food on my mind? Last week I featured PizzaDude and today the free font is Barbecue. I love a good spicy barbecue sauce and hopefully today’s font will help add some spice to your designs. How much do I love barbecue? I bet you’ll see …

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Cave Creek Geek at Historic Allen Fieldhouse

In the world of college basketball, the die-hard fans can’t wait for the first official day of practice to begin. This year the rules changed and the more celebrated day is the “Midnight Madness” show put on by teams and schools. While they once took place at midnight, most of …

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New Kindle Fire HDX Tablets and Revamped Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has released the third generation of their Kindle Fire tablets. The latest iterations represent very powerful hardware at great prices when compared with the competition. Let’s look at what is available so you can decide if one of these tablets is right for you. The first tablet released will …

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