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Vector and Bitmap Editors of Choice

In yesterday’s post, I asked about how you use macros in your workflow and we got some great answers. There are two other questions we’ve recently posted on our Facebook page and we’d love to hear your answers. I will provide a link directly to the question on Facebook. For …

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E-Book Tools From Amazon

Last week I told you about a surge in e-book sales after the holidays. If you are in the business of creating graphics and electronic documents, this is a trend that should be on your radar. As Amazon is one of the largest sellers of e-books, they want to make …

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How Do You Use Macros in Your Workflow?

Every user of CorelDRAW does something a little different in their workflow. We know there are users who have probably never used a macro and there are others who use them extensively. What we want to know is about you and we’ve posted a question on our Facebook page asking …

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Stripes Unleashed Volume 1

Users have loved our Textures Unleashed collections and there are more in the works. We wanted to come up with a new collection that provided you with stripes of all types. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Stripes Unleashed Volume 1. In the collection are a total of 500 stripe …

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Clipart Album Covers

Among design purists, you’ll often find two things that really drive them crazy. First is usage of the Comic Sans font and second is using clip art. Now imagine if someone were to combine both of those design faux pas in a single project. Clipart Covers does exactly that. They …

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Arcsoft Perfect365 Provides One Click Makeovers

When I’ve taken pictures of friends, they’ve often asked if I could fix this or that. Sure, I can fix it, but those fixes are typically time consuming and I’m not willing to spend the time for simple snapshots. Now there is an inexpensive tool that makes such changes as …

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Jesco Handwriting Fonts

Even though we all were taught from similar handwriting samples, we all have different handwriting. Today’s font features three variations on Jesco Handwriting. I’ve got to admit it is a lot more elegant than the chicken scratch I produce. What do you think of this font family? Post a message …

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New High-Quality Free Fonts (2012 Edition)

I got a note from a loyal reader the other day with a page full of high-quality free fonts. When I say loyal, this reader goes all the way back to the mid-90s. Thanks for your continued support Wendy and I’m sure other readers will be thankful for the list …

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The Importance of The Winding Rule

When I mention “The Winding Rule”, you may think it has something to do with The Beatles song The Long and Winding Road. It might make for good listening while I try to explain, but they are completely unrelated. When a curve is drawn as a vector graphic, the path …

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Canon PowerShot Elph 520 HS

Early January is a great time for electronics goodies. This is due to the Consumer Electronics Show held each year in Las Vegas. There will be products announced that never materialize. Other products won’t be available for quite some time. Then there are the products that are available almost immediately. …

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E-Book Sales Surge After Holidays

USA Today ran a big story talking about how e-book sales surged after the holidays. This is because of the release of products like the Kindle Fire as well as continuing sales of the iPad. According to the USA Today article, sales of e-books doubled from 10% to 20% of all …

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Corel AfterShot Pro, Formerly Bibble Pro, Now Available

A few days ago I told you that Corel had acquired Bibble Labs. Today the purchase bore its first fruit with the release of Corel AfterShot Pro. I immediately ordered my copy because I have loved Bibble Pro and its blazing fast processing of RAW files. Since I just got …

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A feature often desired by users is a way to take a scan of a font and have the font identified. Believe me, I understand this all too well. Prior to writing books on CorelDRAW, I worked for a font foundry and I often was given a fax to identify …

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