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Installation Bug For Windows 10 Is Reason To Wait

Just prior to the release of Windows 10, I wrote Is Your Computer Ready For Windows 10? In that post, I explained I would be waiting a month or two before I attempted an install to make sure any bad bugs were worked out. It is just over a week …

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Search Google For Matching Images

Those of you who regularly visit the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page may already know that I’ve accepted an ownership position with Golf Data Systems LLC. Foster has accepted an ownership position in Golf Data Systems, developer of a powerful tool for measuring golf course… Posted by Graphics Unleashed on Tuesday, July …

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Two Time Saving Tips for CorelDRAW Users

Earlier this week I had a CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Session for a user who had two major CorelDRAW tasks at her job. First, she had to create a 20-page newsletter every other month. Along with that were e-mails that needed to be sent out to promote the newsletter or other …

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Include Important Keywords In Graphics Created For Web

You may not do any Web design yourself, but it is quite possible that part of your job is creating even the occasional graphic destined for a Web site. For all the details of how to create the graphics in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, get our CorelDRAW Web & Social …

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Giant CorelDRAW Files Caused By Extra Large Bitmaps

A few days ago someone has utilized the Hire the Geek service so they could learn why some of their CorelDRAW files were so large. Each of the sample files provided included several bitmaps. Once the files were built, they were to be output as 1280 x 720 pixels for …

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New Tutorials For Using Seamless Textures in CorelDRAW, Photoshop and More

If you haven’t visited the Seamless Textures Unleashed site in a while, you may have missed that a tutorials section was added. And even if you did visit fairly recently, you’ll find that even more tutorials are listed. Below is a list of all the tutorials currently available and we …

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What If Your Competition Makes An Error?

A couple of days ago in A Shifting Marketing Focus To Attract Local Business, I told you that we would soon be joining our local Chamber of Commerce. The process has been a little more complicated than expected because the company who build the Web site for the chamber hasn’t …

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Building Custom Palettes Using CorelDRAW’s Blend Effect

I’m working on a new tutorial all about color and CorelDRAW. I’m not sure when it will be ready for release, but it won’t be much longer. One of my favorite tips is to create custom palettes for your projects. This makes it easy to have color consistency without having …

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Building a Comprehensive Fonts Folder Saves Time in the Long Run

I know that font management is a frustrating subject for many users. That’s exactly why I created the Fonts, Font Management, Typography and OpenType Success Kit. One of the tasks I suggest all users complete is to build a folder of all their fonts. This project can take a bit …

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Make Sure To Select Anchor Object When Aligning in CorelDRAW

In the last few days, my projects have involved aligning a large number of objects in CorelDRAW. Of course I’m using shortcut keys as described in CorelDRAW’s Alignment Shortcut Keys. They work great, but the whole operation can go wonky if the objects aren’t selected in the correct order. What …

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