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Rendering a Virtual Cup of Coffee

I was working on a new online project for a client and they wanted to promote a free cup of coffee campaign. After some research, I came across a really cool digital mockup of a cup of Starbucks coffee. Note that this mockup requires a newer version of Adobe Photoshop. …

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Classes From Google Including Various Nanodegrees

We all hear about the person who created the new app and became a bazillionaire. Sure, it requires a great idea and the technical ability to create the app. It also requires the business skills to promote and monetize the app. Web development is also a hot area and it …

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Foster To Be Interviewed on Tech Talk Radio

I was contacted by Andy and Slick of TechTalkRadio about doing an interview about the current state of graphics software on their show on Saturday, October 10, 2015. I realize most of you are outside of the footprint of their broadcast, but you can listen live online or recordings are …

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Facebook Hoaxes and Identity Theft

There are some of you who refuse to use Facebook and that is certainly your prerogative. Many of us get enjoyment, connection and business marketing from Facebook along with much more. Those of you who were active on the service were no doubt seeing people posting two hoaxes repeatedly in …

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Rebuild Fountain Fills By Using Eyedropper to Capture Colors

I recently received a vector logo from a client where the main object was broken into many pieces with each piece having a separate color. To simplify the logo, I wanted to Weld all of the objects together in CorelDRAW so they were a single object. But if they are …

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Google Provides Web Fundamentals and Best Practices

Whether you have no Web design experience or you are an experienced developer, there is always something to learn to improve your skills. Part of the learning involves the tool or tools used to build a site, but there is also a lot of knowledge about making a site that …

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When Did You Last Polish Up Your Portfolio?

Most artists have some sort of a portfolio that shows off the work they’ve done. I have a book of what I consider some of my best photos. But the latest portfolio I’ve been building is online projects. The page is still a big work in progress, but the Web …

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Fixing A Dark Photo for National Dog Day

Yesterday was National Dog Day and I wanted to honor my dog Freckles. As I looked through old photos, I found a whole series that were severely underexposed as shown in the JPG file below. If you are shooting with a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, I’ve always recommended …

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Oberon Thumbnailer Macro Makes Thumbnail Catalogs Easy to Create in CorelDRAW

One of the tasks I’ve been performing a lot lately for Web design clients is adding a number of photos to an online gallery. I’m provided with a large number of photos and I have to determine the best photos to use on their Web site. Just staring at all …

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Which Shade Is Correct Color When Only Darker Is Specified?

I was working on a project recently where the client ask me to use a “darker” brown than the one currently being used on a Web site project. I asked for an example since I wanted to get it exactly right. Unfortunately the client didn’t appreciate my desire to get …

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