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The Power of Slogans

A slogan is an extremely important way to position a company or product. For those of you in the sign or apparel business, creating catchy slogans can be very good for business. There was an excellent article in The Atlantic titled The Science of Slogans: The Best and...

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Wrap Text Around Graphics in CorelDRAW

Back in May I told you about a catalog full of CorelDRAW mistakes. The good news is that the designer who was going to update the catalog had taken our CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Boot Camp.Armed with this new knowledge, the catalog has undergone a massive overhaul....

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Some Reasons To Avoid All Capital Letters

I still remember the day I set foot in a typing class back in 8th grade. Part of that class was learning the rules of typography as they applied on a typewriter. Many people still follow those rules even when laying out type on a computer.There are some things that...

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Use Paste Special to Avoid Problems

Hopefully you all have the shortcut keys for Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) memorized. I’m guessing I use them at least 100 times a day. There are times when the regular Paste command needs to be avoided.When you copy data to the clipboard, it is often...

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Avoid Typographic Mistakes

One of the things I cover in my CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Advanced Topics book are a list of common typographic mistakes and ways to avoid them. Some of them are pretty simple, eliminating double space characters as an example. Others are mostly eliminated when you type...

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Dealing With Corrupt CorelDRAW Files

Obviously the best way to deal with corrupt CorelDRAW files is simply to never have a corrupt file. Before we talk about what you can try to do to revive a corrupt file, I’ll talk about some things you can do to avoid them in the first place. For reference,...

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Weld, Trim and Intersect Are Invaluable

I recently talked to a customer who was trying to figure out how to accomplish a specific task. This customer admitted to having several of my CorelDRAW Unleashed books. As the desired task was being described, I heard the sentence “I wish CorelDRAW had a Trim...

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A Catalog Full of CorelDRAW Mistakes


I’m going to share the story of a catalog with you in hopes that the mistakes made in this catalog can be mistakes you avoid in the future. It is a real catalog that a recent attendee to our CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Boot Camp has been asked to update. This...

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Workarounds Can Be a Valuable Solution

I’ve detailed in the posts It Doesn’t Work and It Still Doesn’t Work some of the unreasonable requests for help that I see on a daily basis. There are other situations where a valuable solution is posted and the person who asked for help rejects...

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It Still Doesn’t Work

Later today, I’ll start another CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Boot Camp. The users joining me will come away with increased knowledge of CorelDRAW and there is no doubt their productivity and profits will soar. On the other hand are users who simply think things...

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Excess Nodes Revisited

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Clip Art and Excess Nodes. In the post, I talked about some of the problems you may face when artwork has too many nodes. A user sent me a file that showed me yet another node-related problem that I wanted to share.In this case,...

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It Doesn’t Work

Every single day I hear someone say “it doesn’t work”. It could be talking about something in CorelDRAW. It could be about a Web site. Heck, it could be about something that has nothing to do with computers. Many times it is a phone call or an e-mail...

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Outline Behind Fill in CorelDRAW

Sometimes there are things in CorelDRAW that seem so basic because we’ve been using them for years that we forget that others users aren’t aware of those settings. One that came to mind today was the Behind Fill option on outlines.With an object selected,...

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Get Graphics Out of Microsoft Word Files

Why is it that clients think Microsoft Word is a graphics program? I’m not sure we’ll ever get an answer to that question, we just have a find a way to deal with it. A few days ago, Jeff Harrison gave you a solution for getting the graphics out using the...

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Error 0xC0000005 When Running CorelDRAW X5

Some users have reported a recent problem when launching CorelDRAW X5 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5. It will bring up the error code of 0xC0000005. It seems the problem is caused by the Avast Anti-Virus software installed on those machines. From what I’ve read,...

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Do Not Save Working Files as JPG

You’ve taken pictures with your digital camera and they are saved as a JPG on the memory card. You want to edit those photos to enhance them in some way. It is very important that you do NOT save the working files as JPG format. JPG is a lossy format and the...

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Combine Multiple CDR Files Into PDF or Print

I know it isn’t always popular when I tell users that there are some things they shouldn’t do in CorelDRAW. High up on my list is trying to create long documents. Back in May, I told you to break up long documents. A side effect of some long documents is...

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Preserve Pure Black

I’ve seen one question posted over and over since CorelDRAW X5 was released. Users who have always gotten solid black on their output are now getting gray instead and they are frustrated. I won’t try to explain why it is happening as it gets into color...

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How to Self-Publish an E-Book

I ran across a very interesting article on CNET entitled How to self-publish an e-book and wanted to share it with you along with some comments. As an author who has published books with traditional publishers and via self-publishing, I’ve definitely seen both...

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Design a Logo That Works

When designers are asked to create a logo, sometimes they go for something incredibly flashy. The client is impressed until it comes time to incorporate their logo into various promotional items. Jeff Harrison did a post recently covering the future requirements you...

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Changing Text Orientation With A Keystroke

This tip is very short and sweet. It may also save some of your hair if you pressed the keys accidentally. Go into CorelDRAW and type a word of Artistic Text. Just so you can see it well, choose a bold font and make the text fairly large. What you probably see on...

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