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The Sharks Address The Coronavirus Crisis

I've been a fan of the Shark Tank television show since the first season. Some of the companies presenting have turned into huge hits and some of them seem like crazy ideas. Along the way there are tidbits of business advice. In a recent episode, they included a...

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Lori Greiner Addresses The Coronavirus Crisis

We’re All In This Together

I look forward to March Madness every year in hopes of seeing my Kansas Jayhawks bring home a championship. This year we got a completely different kind of madness and we all have to find a way to survive and advance in the tournament of life. Most important of...

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Pandemic Cleaning Supplies

Are You in the Right Place?

I was sitting at dinner a while back and I got an email sent from the contact us form on our unleash.com Web site that jumped out at me. The subject line was "Disrespected" and I wondered what the heck had happened to get such an email. Below is what was included...

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Don’t Fall for Facebook Hoaxes

Maybe my Facebook friends are more gullible than most. If they are less gullible than average, I can only imagine how many hoaxes other see their friends post. It is just crazy to me that so many people keep falling for the same stupid hoaxes over and over again....

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Where Do I Find the File I Downloaded?

This is a question I get quite often. Someone downloads a file from one of our Web sites and they have no clue where to find the file. If you don't know where you saved the file on your computer, I don't know where it is saved either. But if it was a recent...

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Search Google For Matching Images

Those of you who regularly visit the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page may already know that I've accepted an ownership position with Golf Data Systems LLC. Foster has accepted an ownership position in Golf Data Systems, developer of a powerful tool for measuring...

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